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Charm School for Youth & Teens… Summer 2013

You have heard it before, “Young people today have no manners!” buy cigar online It doesn't matter if it's true or not. Perception is reality, and what people think is true is true for them. This means young people start out with a handicap—people expect them to be rude and boorish. Etiquette Consulting Inc Presents: Charm School for Youth & Teens… Summer session 2013 In this two day workshop students will learn: Ses­sion 1: Pre­sen­ta­tion Skills First Impressions/Body language Intro­duc­tions and handshakes Basic table set­ting vs. Semi for­mal table setting Amer­i­can [...]


Charm School for Teens: Spring Break Series

This event has passed. Check out upcoming event's here Manners are a lost art in today’s society because children are spending more and more time in front of their televisions and their computers and losing out on social interaction. What these teens do not know is that good manners are a skill that can provide an advantage in the business world as well as in their daily life. This 3 day workshop begins April 2, 2013 Session 1: Presentation Skills First Impressions/Body language Introductions [...]