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Business Etiquette: Should a Senator eat ribs with the President?

Today I had the priv­i­lege of speak­ing to reporter Adriene Hill of the Maket­place on man­ners and the busi­ness meal, along with the audio clip that aired ear­lier today on KCRW  we dis­cussed “Should a Sen­a­tor eat ribs with the Pres­i­dent?  Well… not quite we dis­cussed Busi­ness Meals, she also wrote the fol­low­ing.  Enjoy. *Pres­i­dent Obama isn’t just sit­ting at con­fer­ence tables with Repub­li­cans in Con­gress these days, he’s sit­ting down at the din­ner table. In fact, this week he dined with a group [...]


Manners Monday: What is Etiquette?

Any­one with chil­dren can tell you that potty train­ing can be stress­ful, espe­cially when leav­ing the house.  You pack extra under­wear, make fre­quent stops at the bath­room, observe your child to see if they are doing the “pee pee dance” but, never ever would I think of tak­ing their port-a-potty with me. Unfor­tu­nately, not every­one feels the same way.   Case in point.  As reported by Jen­nifer Stagg of KSL 5 News in Utah, “A young mother of twins took potty train­ing to the [...]