Business Etiquette Webinar: Building an Exceptional Professional Image

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Business Etiquette Webinar: Building an Exceptional Professional Image

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Perception is reality, and what people think is true is true for them. This means your first impression may be the only opportunity you have to get in the door and market yourself. If you do not look and act the part, you will not get past the gatekeeper!

In today’s fast-paced world where many people think social interaction is a series of text messages, etiquette still matters–especially when it comes time to get a meaningful job that can lead to a good career! This is much more than just “good manners.” You need the skills and confidence to be able to handle yourself with grace and style in any situation and distinguish yourself from your peers—and competitors!

Join me for an interactive, power-packed workshop Building an Exceptional Professional Image.

You will leave with tools for creating a polished, professional image in 3 important areas:

1.  First Impressions

  • Appearance
  • Dress for Success

2.  Presence

  • Be Well-Groomed & Have Good Hygiene
  • Body Language

3.  Manners

  • Dining Etiquette 101
  • Manners at Business Functions
  • Business Communication

This 60 minute workshop is based on my chapter in the book “The Power of Civility” in which I discuss six keys to Building an Exceptional Professional Image.

Join me

Date: November 2, 2012

Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm


  •  PDF of Jules’ chapter in the book The Power of Civility
  •  15 minute One-to-one follow via Skype
  •  Access to our facebook group “Minding your P’s & Q’s” where you will receive additional etiquette guidance.

Your investment: $17.00

You are your own brand. You have to market yourself and present yourself as a worthy investment for potential employers or clients.



About the Presenter, Jules Hirst:

Jules Hirst, Etiquette Expert

Jules Hirst is a sought after speaker and co-author of  Power of Civility.  She conducts lectures, workshops, seminars and webinars specifically designed to elevate the lives and positions of  Youth’s, Teens, College Students and Business Professionals

Jules has been interviewed by and quoted in a variety of media including ABC World NewsNBC Nightly News, San Diego Tribune, Yahoo Shine, The Smart Show and Tech Goes Strong.

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