Upcoming Events: Modern Day Finishing School For the 21st Century For Teens – Summer Course

Teen Manner Class

Upcoming Events: Modern Day Finishing School For the 21st Century For Teens – Summer Course

Teen Manner Class

Manners are a lost art in today’s society because children are spending more and more time in front of their televisions and their computers and losing out on social interaction. What these teens do not know is that good manners are a skill that can provide an advantage in the business world as well as in their daily life.

We meet every Monday for 2weeks

Some of the topics covered in social etiquette include:

  • Presentation Skills
  • First Impressions/Appearance
  • Body language
  • Introductions and handshakes
  • Please, Thank You and Excuse Me
  • Telephone skills
  • Thank you notes

Some of the topics covered in Dining Etiquette include:

  • Formal table settings
  • Posture at the table
  • Proper table talk
  • Menus and ordering meals
  • Napkins
  • Difficult to eat foods
  • Dining do’s and don’ts

This two week class meets every Monday beginning August 13th.  The last session will be held at a local restaurant where the students can practice everything they have learned while enjoying a hosted lunch.  Classes are interactive and are taught using role-playing exercises. Students will receive a handbook containing the lessons for the course that they may keep and use to help reinforce the proper social behavior, self-respect and self-confidence that they will take away from the class – while having fun & making new friends.

Dates Monday August 13, 2012

               Monday August 20, 2012

 Time:  3:00 – 4:30pm (14-17) Age

Ages: 14-17

Location: Checa Chic Boutique 3004 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405

Your Investment: $140.00 per student, $120.00 for siblings.  To book siblings and receive the discount, send an email requesting the discount.  Do not purchase through Eventbrite.

Limited to 10 students


****last class will be held at a restaurant details will be given at the first class


About the Presenter, Jules Hirst:

Jules Hirst, Etiquette Expert

Etiquette Expert Jules Hirst president of Etiquette Consulting, Inc. She offers workshops on a variety of business, social and dining etiquette topics and is a contributing author of The Power of Civility. Jules has been interviewed by and quoted in a variety of media including NBC Nightly News, San Diego Tribune, Yahoo Shine, The Smart Show and Women’s Online Magazine. Visit her webiste @ www.juleshirst.com. Tweet her @Etiquette411<

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