Trick or Treat Etiquette

Trick or Treat Etiquette



Trick or Treat EtiquetteHal­loween is an evening when a child can dress up and be who­ever they want, but no mat­ter who your child wants to be don’t for­get to take your trick or treat eti­quette with you. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts to remember:

For Givers:

If you are plan­ning on giv­ing out candy do leave your porch light on. Leav­ing the light on sig­ni­fies that you are in the trick-or-treat business.


Giv­ing out fruit, box of raisins or home­made treats, although done with the best inten­tions, is not a good idea. Par­ents are more than likely to throw away any­thing that is hand­made and/or open, plus kids are there for candy.

Trick or Treaters:

Only go to the homes with the porch light on. Knock or ring the door­bell once and stand back.


Do say trick or treat. Unless your cos­tume is deer in the head­lights, don’t stand there with your bag open with a blank stare.


Only take one to two pieces of candy and remem­ber to say “thank you” and never say “I don’t like that”.


Stay on the side­walk and off the grass and flowerbeds.


If you still don’t have a cos­tume Here are some ideas for no-sew Hal­loween costumes.


If you are the host­ess with most­ess tonight here are some ideas for easy Hal­loween treats


Don’t let poor eti­quette take away the fun on this All Hal­lows Eve.

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