Wedding Etiquette: Diamonds and the Four C’s

Wedding Etiquette: Diamonds and the Four C’s

Engagement RingWed­ding eti­quette says A bride-to-be does not need a ring to make her engage­ment offi­cial. Many cou­ples will go to the jew­eler together, this way the future groom can get an idea of what kind of ring his future bride would like.

If you will be mak­ing a trip to the jew­el­ers here are some things to keep in mind about Dia­monds and the Four C’s.

DIAMONDS are the emblems of love and engage­ment, and are the tra­di­tional gem­stones for engage­ment ring.
CARAT ~ Carat is the weight of a dia­mond.
CLARITY ~ Dia­monds are rated on the basis of blem­ishes that occur in nature, such as bub­bles, specks and inner cracks that are hard to see with the naked eye. The size and place­ment of the blem­ish deter­mines the clar­ity rat­ing. FL stands for flaw­less and is the high­est clar­ity rat­ing and the least desir­able rat­ing is imper­fect.
CUT ~ The way a dia­mond is cut deter­mines its bril­liance. It is the most impor­tant of the four C’s. This is what causes the stone to sparkle.
COLOR ~ If a dia­mond is clear and col­or­less it is rated a D, the high­est color rank­ing. The low­est is Z, yel­low. Some dia­monds nat­u­rally have some tint of color are in a spe­cial cat­e­gory called fan­cies[1]

Don’t for­get to get a cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. This is writ­ten proof of a dia­monds weight, grade and iden­ti­fy­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics from the Inter­na­tional Gemo­log­i­cal Insti­tute. You will need this to insure your ring.

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[1] Post, Peggy. Emily Post’s Wed­ding Eti­quette. New York: Harper Collins, 2001.

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