Who should be teaching manners?

Who should be teaching manners?

Who should be teach­ing man­ners? Here is an arti­cle found on The Respon­si­bil­ity Project titled:  Teach­ing Man­ners: Par­ents or Teach­ers. I am sure you won’t be sur­prised to find out that some edu­ca­tors will say that they have been given to much of the parental responsibilities.

Good man­ners/eti­quette begin at home.   Our teach­ers have enough to deal with.  They should be work­ing with the par­ents not act­ing as a surrogate .

To all the par­ents who under­stand that good man­ners begin at home and instill them, I applaud you.….

I would love to hear your thoughts…

Until Next Time,

Jules Hirst

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