When giv­ing a work­shop on work­place pol­i­tics I am always asked to speak on Cubi­cle Eti­quette  So here is a list of things to keep in mind:

Keep your pri­vate life private

If you are hav­ing a pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion either on the phone or with a co-worker step into a con­fer­ence room or go out­side.  your cubi­cle neigh­bors don’t want or need to hear about your sen­si­tive matters

Don’t soil the air

  • what smells good to you may not smell good to your cubi­cle neighbors.
  • avoid using too much cologne or perfume
  • cer­tain foods give off unplea­sur­able aro­mas,  fish, hard broiled egg, cer­tain eth­nic foods use your break room

Dec­o­rate with taste

  • use good judg­ment and avoid things that are con­tro­ver­sial this includes things that are polit­i­cal, spir­i­tual, sen­sual or cultural

Respect thy co worker

  • try not lis­ten in on other peo­ples conversations
  • when walk­ing by another person’s cubi­cle try not to look in
  • avoid car­ry­ing on con­ver­sa­tions out­side of a co-workers cubicle
  • don’t chime in on other peo­ples conversations
  • give them the same respect as you would want


Jules Hirst is a sought after speaker and a rec­og­nized eti­quette coach.  She con­ducts lec­tures, work­shops, sem­i­nars and webi­na­rs  in busi­ness and social eti­quette.  Jules co-author Power of Civil­ity where she shares strate­gies and tools for build­ing an excep­tional pro­fes­sional image.

Jules can be reached at: or 310–425-3160

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