Table Etiquette Webinar

The Webinar There are two ways to use a knife and fork to cut and eat your food. Either style is considered appropriate.  The thing to keep in mind when deciding which style to use is:  Be comfortable with your choice & Don’t switch between the two In this FREE 15 minute pre-recorded webinar we will cover: American vs. European Style Resting and Finished Positions Cutting and Eating Don’ts Register for this FREE event here.

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Business Etiquette Webinar: Building an Exceptional Professional Image

Perception is reality, and what people think is true is true for them. This means your first impression may be the only opportunity you have to get in the door and market yourself. If you do not look and act the part, you will not get past the gatekeeper! In today’s fast-paced world where many people think social interaction is a series of text messages, etiquette still matters–especially when it comes time to get a meaningful job that can [...]