Etiquette Classes: Teens And Children

Etiquette Classes: Teens and Children

Man­ners are a lost art in today’s soci­ety as chil­dren are spend­ing more and more time in front of their tele­vi­sions and their com­put­ers while los­ing out on social inter­ac­tion. Their idea of social inter­ac­tion is a text mes­sage or a Face­book post. What these chil­dren do not know is that good man­ners are a skill that can pro­vide an advan­tage in the busi­ness world and in their daily life. Click here to see a list of our Upcom­ing Events

  Social Etiquette


Some of the top­ics covered:

  • Intro­duc­tions & handshakes
  • Eti­quette for pub­lic places
  • Table man­ners
  • Thank you notes
  • Amer­i­can vs. Con­ti­nen­tal styles
  • Social net­work­ing
  • And More…

Dining Etiquette


Some of the top­ics covered:

  • Appro­pri­ate table conversation
  • Nap­kin use
  • Amer­i­can vs. Con­ti­nen­tal styles
  • Din­ing do’s and don’ts
  • And More…

Family Style