Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

The Wed­ding Eti­quette & Plan­ning Work­shop is an 8-class, 20-hour course. The atten­dees will learn prin­ci­ples of wed­ding eti­quette and how to apply it to their own wedding.

They will learn var­i­ous his­tory aspects of the cus­toms that we use and will also gain valu­able knowl­edge about how to plan their own wed­dings, from the engage­ment period, to reli­gious vs. civil cer­e­monies, to hir­ing a con­sul­tant and caterer. Atten­dees will also learn the roles and respon­si­bil­ity of each bridal party mem­ber and will also gain valu­able knowl­edge about how to plan their own wedding.

Take one class or all 8 and be con­fi­dent on your big day.

Each session/component may be pre­sented as a stand-alone class/workshop or as a seg­ment of a course and may be altered to suit the client.

Purpose and Objectives:

In this 20-hour work­shop, the stu­dents will learn prin­ci­ples of eti­quette sur­round­ing wed­ding plan­ning.  The focus of this course is:

Becom­ing aware of the ori­gin of many of our wed­ding trends.

  • Learn­ing about today’s trends in wed­ding and receptions.
  • Learn­ing the proper eti­quette for tra­di­tional pre-wedding parties.
  • Learn­ing how to plan a wed­ding by answer­ing the ques­tions of when, where and how of their wed­ding and reception.
  • Becom­ing aware of all of the paper­work involved in wed­ding planning.
  • Devel­op­ing a time table for wed­ding and recep­tion planning.
  • Becom­ing aware of the respon­si­bil­i­ties of each per­son in the bridal party.

Con­tent Scope and Sequence:

Wed­ding Cus­toms and Trends

Wed­ding Cus­toms and Trends is designed to enlighten the attendee with the ori­gin of many of our wed­ding trends.  Included in this delight­ful work­shop are some inter­est­ing cur­rent Amer­i­can trends.


  • Match­maker
  • Engage­ment Parties
  • Why rings?
  • Tying the Knot
  • Bridal Show­ers
  • Veils
  • Why does the bride wear white & carry flowers?
  • Why does the bride carry a handkerchief?
  • Why have brides­maids and groomsmen?
  • Why a trousseau?
  • Bad luck to see the bride?
  • Red or white aisle runners?
  • Wed­ding Gifts
  • Some­thing old some­thing new?
  • Why is the bride given away?
  • The Kiss
  • Spoon­ing
  • Wed­ding Cake
  • Groom’s Cake
  • Why toast?
  • Wed­ding favors?  Garters?
  • Why throw rice?
  • Why toss the bouquet?
  • Shoes
  • Hon­ey­moon
  • Amer­i­can Trends

The Engage­ment

A New Beginning

The Engage­ment, A New Begin­ning will pre­pare the newly engaged for what she and he should expect. Included in this con­cise work­shop is infor­ma­tion about buy­ing the per­fect ring, engage­ment par­ties, writ­ing announce­ments for the local news­pa­per paper, and what to do if your engage­ment is broken.


  • Rings
  • Shar­ing the News
  • Announce­ments
  • Engage­ment Parties
  • Bro­ken Engagement

Pre-Wedding Par­ties

The Fun Begins

Pre-Wedding Par­ties, The Fun Begins leads the attendee through all of the tra­di­tional pre-wedding par­ties, includ­ing, in detail, the rules of eti­quette for each.


  • Show­ers and Ideas
  • Work Par­ties
  • Brides­maids Parties
  • Bach­e­lor Parties
  • Bach­e­lorette Parties
  • Rehearsal Din­ner
  • Wed­ding Breakfast

Wed­ding & Recep­tion Plan­ning, Part I

When, Where & How

Wedding & Recep­tion Plan­ning, Part One, When, Where & How helps the cou­ple answer the basic ques­tions of when, where and how of their wed­ding and recep­tion plan­ning. These seem to be very sim­ple ques­tions, but can be very com­pli­cated when you have to take into con­sid­er­a­tion your guest list, reli­gion, and time of year. This detailed laden work­shop will guide them through these murky waters.


  • When Would You Like to Wed?
  • Cost
  • Where Will You Wed?
  • For­mal­ity
  • Abil­ity Issues
  • How Will You Wed?
  • Pos­si­ble Wed­ding Sites
  • Recep­tion Planning
  • Per­fect Recep­tion Sites
  • Menus

Wed­ding Plan­ning, Part II

The paper­work involved with the join­ing of two people

Wed­ding Plan­ning, Part Two, The paper­work involved with the join­ing of two peo­ple is a con­cise, infor­ma­tion laden ses­sion. This ses­sion will give the attendee all of the infor­ma­tion he and she will need to sort through the wed­ding paper trail.


  • Mar­riage License
  • Mar­riage Certificate
  • Name Changes
  • Money Issues
  • Prenup­tials
  • Hir­ing a Wed­ding Consultant

Wed­ding Plan­ning, Part III

The Wed­ding Countdown

Wed­ding Plan­ning, Part Three, The Wed­ding Count­downis designed to help the cou­ple get to the wed­ding on time and with less stress.


  • 12 Months to the Day of the Wedding
  • 10 Months before the Wedding
  • 9/8 Months and Counting
  • 6 Months to Go
  • 4 Months
  • 3/2 Months before the Wedding
  • 6 Weeks before the Excit­ing Day
  • 1 Month to 2 Weeks before W-Day
  • 1 Week and Counting
  • The Day before & the Big Day
  • Long Dis­tance Weddings

Mem­bers of the Bridal Party

Every­one has a Role to Play

Mem­bers of the Bridal Party, Every­one has a Role to Play is designed to inform each mem­ber of the bridal party what their role in this lit­tle play is.



  • Bride
  • Groom
  • The Honor Attendant
  • The Best Man
  • Brides­maids and Ushers
  • The Mother of the Bride
  • The Father of the Bride
  • The Groom’s Parents

The Cer­e­mony

The Rehearsal to the Long Walk

The Cer­e­mony, The Rehearsal to the Long Walk is designed to help the happy cou­ple stay on track.


  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Offi­ci­ate or Clergy Member
  • The Rehearsal
  • Where to sit?
  • It is almost time—what to do?
  • Pro­ces­sion
  • The Reces­sion