2018 Holiday Tipping Guide

2018 Holiday Tipping Guide

When it comes to Holiday Tipping remember to first consider your budget.  Next, how much time or how often your frequent the various services.

Below is a guideline to who and how much you should tip.  Remember the decision is  yours.

Your tip should be equivalent to…

Personal Service

  • Hair Stylist: One visit
  • Manicurist: One visit
  • Personal Trainer: One session
  • Pilates/ Yoga Instructor: Small gift for instructors classes you frequent
  • Massage Therapist/ Esthetician: One service

Home/Family Services

  • Au pair – Nanny: One weeks pay
  • Babysitter: One Night’s pay
  • Private Chef: One week’s service
  • Day Care provider: Cash or gift for all who work with your children
  • Private Nurse: One weeks pay or gift

Delivery Service

  • USPS: Mail carriers may accept a small gift valued up to $20.00, they are not allowed to accept cash gifts
  • FedEx: May accept a small gift valued up to $75.00, no cash or gift cards
  • UPS: Small gift, may accept a nominal monetary gift
  • Newspaper Delivery: $10 – $30

Misc Services

  • Dog Walker: One weeks pay
  • Pet Groomer: One service
  • Pet Sitter: One weeks pay
  • Pool Cleaner: One cleaning
  • Gardner: One weeks service
  • Doorman: $20 – $100 each
  • Trash Collector/Recycling: (If city permits) $10 – $30 per person
  • Garage Attendant: $10 – $30 or small gift

Here is a list you can save for your convenience,  Happy Shopping!



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