Personal Touch for Holiday Cards in Business

Personal Touch for Holiday Cards in Business

When it comes to holiday cards, a personal touch is always appreciated.  You want to thank your colleagues and clients for their patronage during the year.  The best way to do this is to put forth the personal effort to show them that you do appreciate them.

As such, take the time to hand write everything.  Hand write a personal note on the card.  Hand write the envelope.  Even if you hire someone to do this for you, handwriting shows an effort that far surpasses sticking a label on an envelope or having a card pre-printed to save you time.  These little things matter and people notice them and will appreciate your extra effort.

You also should try to avoid email holiday greetings.  Technology has come a long way and some of these holiday emails are quite entertaining, however, after they are watched, they are deleted.  A holiday card has more staying power and can be a constant reminder of the work you do.

Finally, you want to send out your cards as early as possible.  The end of the year is usually most people’s busiest time and people leave for vacation towards the end of the year.  The sooner you can get your card out the better chance you can have a lasting impression on your audience.

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